Legend of Aestryla
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Incredible Atmosphere

Explore the different areas and dungeons of the game that expand as you progress and go in search of treasures and puzzles. Forge your personality by braving the dangers that will present themselves on your way to your destination!

Combat that is both simple and strategic!

Fight using items and skills to gain the upper hand in battles! You’ll need to combine your magics and strategize to defeat the most powerful enemies!


Discover more than forty melodies arranged and worked in collaboration with many independant artist like Souichi Sakagami, Mayuri, Stephy and Sora Tenshi  and more to offer you a most submersive adventure.

About The Game

There are things we refuse to see,
Others that exist but that we do not see.
Immerse yourself in the world of The Legend of Aestryla and discover through this adventure what humanity forgot to share in its history books.






Unics skills

Coming Soon

You don’t get to be great without learned the truth…

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